Need Of Guidance Cell In Educational InstitutionsUniversities

In another session, Dr. Joan Chunkapura spoke on the importance and usages of household therapy in counselling. Every one people originates from inefficient household and has actually experienced some dysfunctions while growing up. A dysfunction how minimal it might be can not be considered given; it affects our personality and how we see the world, she explained. She taught the individuals on ways to use different treatments associating with household like psycho-dynamic treatment, interaction therapy, structural household therapy and systemic therapy.

In a culture which is not meaningful in nature, injury can happen and is extremely typicaltypical. More than listening and counselling, there are different other therapies that can help people suffering from injury. Dr. Joan guided the Participants into practice various exercises connected to various treatment like discomfort drain therapy, immune system boost, exercises to lower anxiety and different forms of meditation. The participants revealed that the exercises were extremely beneficial and will assist them in ameliorating the discomforts of individuals who require counselling and assistance.
The workshop on Counselling Therapies concluded with a valedictory function graced by Akum Abraham, SI, Junior Adjutant, Nagaland Cops as the chief visitor. He exhorted the students to work and strive without diluting the values and the decision for which they decided to pursue the Master of Social Work Course. He on his part too promise to operate in his own small ways using the abilities acquired from the workshop in making his work more people oriented and individuals friendly. ‘ The workshop has changed my outlook towards therapy. It was a regular thing for me. However, this workshop has actually opened many doors to my technique towards counselling. It understand it can assist resolve problems in various methods’, said a participants throughout the examination.

The workshop saw different queries and doubts being clarified on the concept of counselling and guidance. The organizers and the resource persons revealed hope and trust that the workshop will assist in establishing a new approach of therapy in the academic organizations. The management of NEISSR (Master of Social work Institute) want to reveal our thankfulness to the school authorities and NGO heads for sending their staff to attend the training.